Friday, January 9, 2009

Thanks so much!

I wanted to thank everyone for their kind words. Your response to this has been so wonderfully supportive! It amazes me that members from Australia to England and all over the US have wanted copies. I didn't think my small attempt to teach my primary kids this song would bring so many of us together. Thank you! As of Friday, January 9th at 4:10 pm, I've sent out links to all the emails and comments I've gotten. If you sent an email or left a comment and haven't received an email back, PLEASE let me know and I'll email it right out. Again, thanks to all of you for your support and kindness. Also, I'd love to know how your primary kids enjoyed it and different ways you taught it, so don't be shy, comment away!


Dawnell said...

I'm a chorister in Athens, GA.Your video is great! I'd love a copy:

Karen said...

Hello! I just got called last week and Sunday will be my first time--our primary hasn't started learning this song and I would love a copy of your video! It's great! Thanks for your ideas and sharing your talent.

Karen in New Jersey

Jeff said...

Thanks so much for your willingness to share your talents and ideas. I too would appreciate so much a copy of the video for My Eternal Family with the clipart (if possible). As I am continuing to teach The Family is of God - I would also love the link to this song.

Thanks again,
Deidra in California